Silk Screen Printing

What is Silk Screening?

Silk screening printing is an excellent method for creating versatile images on all types of garments and fabric goods. Silk screening produces bright, vibrant colors and gives a good-looking opaque image on either dark or light colored goods. It is the most efficient way to print a large volume of shirts at an affordable price.

Up to 8 solid colors can be printed, or a CYMK process silk screening print can create the illusion of unlimited tones and colors. Standard print size is 13.5”x17”, and oversized is up to 19”x23”.

Minimum for this process is 36 pieces per image, but can be printed on any number of different garments. There are no set up fees for the first multi colored image, and one additional one color print anywhere on the T-shirt. Additional screens are a one time fee of $35 each.

Silk Screening Print Sampling

If you wish to sample a silk screen print – in other words, create a very small run of your designs either for a runway show, a catalog, or advertising, WIPNYC can help you. While sampling is expensive, it is sometimes necessary. Screen and set up charges apply as well as a higher per print cost than on production runs of 36 pieces or more.

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