T-Shirt Printing FAQs

I work for the city and can only purchase items from approved vendors.

A – We are an approved NYC vendor. Contact us for our vendor number

Can I print just one or two shirts?

A – Yes, with a digital print (also called a heat transfer), but it must be on a white garment. For silk screening, we require a 36-piece minimum? The advantage of a digital print is that there are no set-up fees or limits to the number of colors on the print.

Can I order different colored shirts for one order?

Yes. It is the number of ink colors you choose that determines the price. Shirts can be broken up by size, style and/or color. Please note that if ordering children’s and adults, you may need different sized art-work.

What types of ink do you use and how do they differ?

A – We can print in Plastisol ink, which is a good choice for a light color on a dark background to insure opacity. Water based inks works best on light backgrounds, as it is not entirely opaque? Discharge ink removes the actual color from the fabric and can have a pigment added to it and it feels lighter on the fabric. We also use metallic, reflective, glow-in-the-dark inks, as well as foil.

Can I purchase shirts that are made in the USA?

A – Yes, there are some brands, and we can advise you. Please give us a call.

Can I approve a sample before you print the entire job?

Yes. We can email you a jpeg of the shirt or arrange with you to come in and look at the first print, prior to completing the entire job. Call for details.

Do you print sample runs for designers?

Yes. Please call for pricing and details.

Can you match pantone colors?

Yes, but only on a silk screened job – digital prints are not Pantone color balanced.

Is there an extra cost for Pantone colors?

A -Yes, we charge $15 per color.

Can I just an order a screen and not print a job?

A – No. We use recyclable frames.

Do you sell blank T-Shirts?

A – No, we only sell shirts in conjunction with print jobs.

Can I supply my own shirts or items to be printed?

A – Yes . Please call for pricing.

Can I bring my own screens?

A – We can’t guarantee the print quality or that they’ll be compatible with our equipment, but your welcome to bring them in and we’ll assess it.

Q – Can my child have an internship at WIP?

A – We only accept students who come through an accredited public or independent school program. Please check with your child’s school and see if they have internship programs.